If Vine and iMovie had a baby

Bits is an app for short comedy videos which are based on hashtags. Our secret sauce is that every video is inspired by a hashtag prompt (no need to think of an idea to record) and created using our advanced in-app recording studio (no need for external apps).

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Hi PH! I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to write about our journey to this product. It’s actually funny, because since we started our company 3.5 years ago, I did it 6 times here. Always explaining why we decided to pivot to a new, better product… And then I said to myself, f@#k it, there’s nothing much to say. Bits is an app for short comedy videos (12 sec) that are based on hashtags. Our secret sauce is that you can go from a mood to record to creation of original comedy content in less than 5 minutes. Our recording studio is specially designed for comedy (with features such as voiceover, cut scenes, multiple character features among others) and is extremely user friendly. We already see hilarious content created and are getting good engagement from the community (see compilation). We’re here for questions, feel free to post on the comments your favorite bit 🙂
but vine and imovie's firstborn is called musically, or tiktok rather
@muphet Thanks for the comment! There are a few noticeable differences. First of all, most of the content in TikTok/ is edited externally, whereas in Bits all content is made in the app thanks to the recording abilities. Secondly, Bits is not music-oriented at all. You will find very few lip sync videos in our platform. Also, the concept of strongly matching hashtags and videos is quite different as well. I'll end with this PG quote:
love this! are you just launching now? love to hear how many users you have and how's engagement
@edisonjoao6871 Hi! We’re now starting to go above the radar, but already have a nice amount of engaged content creators and consumers who joined early on
Great end-to-end solution for creators 🙌 Can't wait to start using the platform!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks, excited to see your Bits (feel free to send your usernames on BIts, I'll be the first follower)