Bitrise 2.0

Automating build, testing and support cycles for iOS dev

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I've been keeping my eyes on bitrise - especially given that they support Xcode betas. Congrats on the new front-page!
@orta Thanks! Sharks with laser beams on their head all the way! :)
@orta Thanks, we'll start to support Xcode 7 beta soon, will be really cool to have built in UI testing! We're also working on an offline runner so that you won't have to use a workaround project (ehm ;) ) to run and test your configuration locally ;)
We at @leaffm love your product (and the stickers), you guys have become a key part of our continue integration platform and has made our life much easier. thank you!
@samiq Thanks for the kind words! You rock! Make sure to use the coupon :)
Great product and one we will stick with! Keep it up :]
@blakefolgado Thanks, Blake! Always great to hear such kind words! :)
We use them too. Love it! Thanks for such a wonderful product.
@kangaroo5383 Thanks, Jessica! Lots of interesting new stuff coming soon, so hang tight ;)
Bitrise is a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform with a special flavour. Simply automating your builds is so oldschool. We integrate with services that you already love and use, like Slack and Hipchat for notification or HockeyApp and Crashlytics for deployment. You can configure your build workflow by simply adding these modules (and more) on the Bitrise web UI, and then you can forget about them, because from then on, it’s automatic. Push your code, go to the kitchen to make some coffee, go back to your computer, and the app is already available to all the testers, and there is a handy message on your Slack channel pointing to the latest release. And if there is some new, shiny dev tool, you don’t have to wait for us to integrate it. All of these integrations are open source! Share them, fix them, create new ones, all up to you. We love feedback, so the whole team will be here all day answering any questions you can think of. So fire away! Happy building! P.S.: And because we love all of you, dear Product Hunters, you can get 50% off any plan for 2 consecutive months with the code: PRODUCTHUNT50