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#4 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2014
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Automate everything from building through testing to notifying your testers.
Hi, founder here. First of all thanks for sharing Bitrise! We planned to do this in the coming weeks (we're just out of beta and finishing up a few user interface issues) but we're glad that so many people seem to like it :) An additional treat from us for you ProductHunters: we have our first into video we plan to add to the welcome page of Bitrise, we would like to hear your thoughts on it (unlisted video):
Thanks for trying and sharing Bitrise - we're always open to user feedback, feel free to contact us:
@viktorbenei This looks awesome, love the video and site design is amazing. Curious what inspired you to create the service and who you consider your main competitors to be?
@ianmikutel Thanks for the kind words! Inspiration: we have a mobile app development company and we needed a continuous integration and delivery service to help our daily work. We checked the other services but none could match all our requirements and so we started to work on our own tool - which is now called Bitrise :) Main competitors: there are a few CI/CD services which support iOS but most are too limited in what you can do with it, hard to setup or focuses only on testing and deployment. We have a lot of idea how Bitrise could help the whole team, not just developers. P.S.: sorry for the late reply I somehow missed the notification of your comment. If you have any question feel free to contact us .
@viktorbenei Already a year ago! What has been the biggest surprise since launching and how have you evolved, grown, etc.? About to start my first iOS app side project, sign up and begin using! :)
@ianmikutel @viktorbenei Yeah, it's a great journey :) In a year we did a lot, but the biggest ones are that we've released the open source Bitrise CLI (so you can run your builds / automations offline as well ;) ), we implemented GitHub Pull Request and status support and we now have about 40 official integrations. Also we are working on the Android support and we'll release it in October / early November! If you would like to chat just jump by to our public Slack channel at . We'd be really interested about your side project!