Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player

Play HLS or MPEG-DASH with no buffering and w/o plugins

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Hi PHers! Excited to launch the version 5.0 of our HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player, to enable a awesome video experience. What's Adaptive Streaming? - Adaptive streaming is the technology used by Netflix and Youtube - i.e. MPEG-DASH and HLS - and we want to make it available to the whole market. It prevents buffering, enables faster startup times, and a better streaming quality in the end, as it adapts to the user's bandwidth and device capabilities. Why we do this? - We co-created the underlying standards like MPEG-DASH, which is today used by Netflix and Youtube and produces about 50 % of the US peak internet traffic. What does the Player do? * Video Playback without Plugin: Say goodbye to Flash and Silverlight, and just use HTML5 to host video on your website. * Live and OnDemand: Both supported, including e.g. timeshift in live events, which is pretty cool :-) * Full HD and 4K: Only HTML5 really enables smooth playback of high quality video. In combination with our patented streaming algorithms, we can make 4K happen on the web. * Ads and DRM: We support different types of business models, such as ad-driven ones using VAST ads, or DRM protected premium content using MPEG-CENC (Widevine, Playready, Primetime) or HLS Fairplay. * VR and 360°: Adaptive Streaming enables also the buffer-less streaming of high-quality video such as 360°/VR. We support those on desktop, mobile and VR headsets. We're super excited to make great video streaming easier. Would love to answer any questions + thanks for checking it out! -Stefan
@slederer Looks very cool but I think this needs a demo somewhere or if there is one, it needs to be linked in a more obvious place. I have yet to find it :)
@mitsuhiko Sure, we have a lot of demos here: ... including a pretty cool one on 360°/VR streaming at
I found the demo on the top right but it looks a bit like that part of the page belongs to the rest of the website so that was not really that obvious :D
@slederer great job :) Did you do some tests with DASH/VP9 as well ?
@ludobos thx! Yes, we did that with WebM/VP9 segments, works really great on Chrome (but haven't tested it recently). I'm a big fan of the use case, as VP9 is supported by 50%+ of the web browser deployments, and it helps to get traffic down for those viewers.
@lxpinta thx! Check out our developer and API section:
Just test it in my phone via the PH browser and it's impressive. We need to stop counting only on youtube. There ads showing up way to much. Cheers!
@icipascal Thx it should work especially well in mobile environments as we use dash and hls for as streaming protocols.
@slederer do you already have reference customers using your platform?
@markuswagner definitely, we have some customers online at Unfortunately we cannot name most of our customers, but they include e.g. one of the major OVPs, Netflix-like services as well as public/private broadcasters in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia, major VR platforms, etc. I can provide more details on them, just drop me a line at :-)