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Play HLS or MPEG-DASH with no buffering and w/o plugins

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Stefan LedererMakerHiring@slederer · CEO, bitmovin
Hi PHers! Excited to launch the version 5.0 of our HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player, to enable a awesome video experience. What's Adaptive Streaming? - Adaptive streaming is the technology used by Netflix and Youtube - i.e. MPEG-DASH and HLS - and we want to make it available to the whole market. It prevents buffering, enables faster startup times, and a better streaming quality in the end, as it adapts to the user's bandwidth and device capabilities. Why we do this? - We co-created the underlying standards like MPEG-DASH, which is today used by Netflix and Youtube and produces about 50 % of the US peak internet traffic. What does the Player do? * Video Playback without Plugin: Say goodbye to Flash and Silverlight, and just use HTML5 to host video on your website. * Live and OnDemand: Both supported, including e.g. timeshift in live events, which is pretty cool :-) * Full HD and 4K: Only HTML5 really enables smooth playback of high quality video. In combination with our patented streaming algorithms, we can make 4K happen on the web. * Ads and DRM: We support different types of business models, such as ad-driven ones using VAST ads, or DRM protected premium content using MPEG-CENC (Widevine, Playready, Primetime) or HLS Fairplay. * VR and 360°: Adaptive Streaming enables also the buffer-less streaming of high-quality video such as 360°/VR. We support those on desktop, mobile and VR headsets. We're super excited to make great video streaming easier. Would love to answer any questions + thanks for checking it out! -Stefan
Armin Ronacher@mitsuhiko · Sentry
@slederer Looks very cool but I think this needs a demo somewhere or if there is one, it needs to be linked in a more obvious place. I have yet to find it :)
Stefan LedererMakerHiring@slederer · CEO, bitmovin
@mitsuhiko Sure, we have a lot of demos here: ... including a pretty cool one on 360°/VR streaming at
Armin Ronacher@mitsuhiko · Sentry
I found the demo on the top right but it looks a bit like that part of the page belongs to the rest of the website so that was not really that obvious :D
Ludovic Bostral@ludobos · Cofounder and CTO at Afrostream
@slederer great job :) Did you do some tests with DASH/VP9 as well ?
Stefan LedererMakerHiring@slederer · CEO, bitmovin
@ludobos thx! Yes, we did that with WebM/VP9 segments, works really great on Chrome (but haven't tested it recently). I'm a big fan of the use case, as VP9 is supported by 50%+ of the web browser deployments, and it helps to get traffic down for those viewers.
Alex Pinter@lxpinta · Austrian, Co-Founder/CEO @inscouts
Cool stuff!
Stefan LedererMakerHiring@slederer · CEO, bitmovin
@lxpinta thx! Check out our developer and API section:
Pascal Andy@_pascalandy · Cofounder at a "stealth startup"
Just test it in my phone via the PH browser and it's impressive. We need to stop counting only on youtube. There ads showing up way to much. Cheers!
Christopher MuellerMakerHiring@chris_bitmovin · CTO, bitmovin
@icipascal Thx it should work especially well in mobile environments as we use dash and hls for as streaming protocols.
Markus Wagner@markuswagner · i5growth, i5invest
@slederer do you already have reference customers using your platform?
Stefan LedererMakerHiring@slederer · CEO, bitmovin
@markuswagner definitely, we have some customers online at Unfortunately we cannot name most of our customers, but they include e.g. one of the major OVPs, Netflix-like services as well as public/private broadcasters in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia, major VR platforms, etc. I can provide more details on them, just drop me a line at :-)