Bitly for Android

Shorten, measure, & optimize your links. Now on Android.

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Hi Product Hunt-- The Bitly app is now available on Android! Our main goal with this app is to reduce the steps it takes for users to create and control Bitlinks on-the-go. Android users can now create Bitlinks by simply copying a link from their mobile browser, Facebook app, or Twitter app. Once copied, the shortened link will be waiting in the Bitly app to be customized or shared. We also made it easy to navigate through and share your links: short press to launch link details; long press to share or copy to clipboard; search and filter through all your Bitlinks or quickly access your top performing ones. Users can also assess link click performance, referral channels, location-based data, and a summary of top performing links without needing to sign into the desktop application. Bitly for Android is the first part of a series of steps our Product, Dev, and Design teams are taking to create a seamless and integrated mobile experience. Android users now make up our largest source of mobile link clicks and mobile signups, and since we have an existing iOS app (albeit one that we know needs a little love) it made the most sense to build out Android before revisiting iOS. Thanks for checking it out and please let us know what you think! Yasi P.S. iOS friends: thanks for waiting. We’ve got an update in the works for you soon.
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