Bitfountain iWatch Course

Learn WatchKit by building real-world iWatch apps.

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Stellar job @azzikid and @eliotarntz - this is the first quality iWatch course that I have come across. Just curious - how big do you anticipate the market for this course to be? Most of your courses generally have a pretty large target audience (everyone that wants to learn Android development or how to create an iOS app) but to me, iWatch seems pretty niche. Is this the beginning of the development of more niche courses from you guys or do you think I'm just underestimating the size of the iWatch market? :)
@ankurnagpal Thanks for the post! We're excited to be back on Product Hunt. I'm around to answer any questions all day. With regard to the market size for the Apple Watch Course: You are correct that it is more niche... at the moment. We're gambling that it won't be so niche in a year or so. And by that time, we will have had a lot of experiencing teaching the subject. That said, we do want to get into some niche subjects that may not reach a high number of users, but are more valuable to a subsection of the tech community.