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From lightning-fast previews and downloads to easier access to images and footage, Biteable is the only online video editor with the full package.
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Hey PH! I'm so happy to finally be able to share Biteable on Product Hunt for the first time. Biteable is the easiest way to create stunning videos online. Here are the highlights: - We walk the walk. We have an in-house team of motion designers, animators and video editors creating amazing templates every day for our platform. From animations to custom designs, we're the only platform with a massive library of beautifully designed templates. - Videos are run on as ads on Facebook and Instagram, then the best ones get added as templates to our library. You win when we win. - Export to any resolution, fit for any platform. Oh, and it runs completely in your browser. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» - Make videos from over 1.8 million images and clips available in our content library. We're a remote team and competing against some massively funded competitors (πŸ‘‹Adobe) but we've rendered 12 million videos and counting! Biteable is free to create videos and play around, pay only when you need to download a version without the watermark. Let us know what you think! πŸš€
Nice idea, Would be great if you had some of your best examples ready for playing so you can see the types / quality of videos you could create with the tool before asking people to create a video.
While I am a self-identified digital tool slut, I rarely give my data up with such little information. 1- Attractive landing page, but no real examples of what I can do or features. (πŸ€” It's a TRAP?!) 2 - No parameters about what I can do for free or limitations. (πŸ€” It's a TRAP?!) 3 - No expectation of what pricing will be for extra... if I even knew what extra is. (πŸ€” It's a TRAP?!)
Great job!! 😊 loved this but wanted a free version of it.
I have used this product a year ago and that time it was a amazing, easy and simple. Surely this would have grown now. Adding more value than what it used to offer