Bitcoin Fax

Send a fax to anywhere from the web, pay with Bitcoin

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Supporting the Bitcoin economy by helping those who still need to send faxes from time to time.
@simonmales love this idea, very original! Trick question for you: how many bitcoin users do you estimate use a fax or vice versa? This might be a great product for Deep Web super private - and highly illegal - transaction related comms? :D
I read a report recently that estimated almost 100% Japanese businesses still use and maintain a fax. So to narrow your question down I would say potentially 100% of Japanese Bitcoiners :) Globally the use would be much smaller. Regular fax use I estimate at about 5% of Bitcoiners. Occasional use (1-3 times a year) I would expect 15%.
@simonmales Crazy bet, but that 100% number should be a nice market :)
@elieslama Multilingual Bitcoin Fax is definitely planned. And by multi I mean dual to begin with :)
@simonmales 100% of fax usage is the most ridiculous and hilarious statistic.
@blainehatab Anything with a smiling emoji should be taken less seriously! Just trying to highlight that if there was a single market to focus on, it would be the Japanese market.
Blending the past with the future!
Cool concept, but how is this competitive to freemium faxing services?
The freemium services were brought to my attention whilst building this and active Bitcoiners have mentioned them too with mixed feelings. Most have had a negative experience with them, but competing with free is hard. I believe by reducing the friction of no sign up helps and that a single fax can cost a matter of cents.