Bitcoin Bar

A menu bar app that keeps you up to date on bitcoin prices

This menu bar application will keep you up to date on bitcoin prices in 22 different currencies.

Choose from several different update intervals and add your wallet holdings to keep track of your personal value in any supported currency.Bitcoin Bar is

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Matt Haltom
Co-Founder & Director of UX, Ramen
Cool but why use this over Coin Tick which is free?
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Nikita Akimov
Founder of Eristica
Thanks for hunting that! Is there an option to choose an exchange to view the price?
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Sebastien BRAMILLEFullstack javascript developer / Devops
@akimovnv will help you to do that if you are looking for this feature
Beau Nouvelle👨🏼‍💻
iOS Development Consultant, Indie Dev.
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