Track your cryptocurrencies from your Osx menubar

Track your cryptocurrency prices in your OSX menubar

The monoritoring of cryptocurrency becomes easy with CoinWatch. The app is designed to list and track in few steps all your favourites cryptocurrencies.

With more than 1000+ currencies!

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Hey PH, I'm glad to post my first electron application here, I'm passionate about the cryptocurrency world & its trading. I wanted a tool to increase my productivity by displaying useful information from the menubar. I'm going to add some stuff, but I don't know which one is the most important: - ICOs view - Airdrop view - Bounty view - pricing alert notification on the coin What do you think guys?
What's the differences from CoinTicker?
First of all, thanks for your message @brunolemos I'm creating this tool because I needed one and I did not find any available with some altcoins I wanted If we spoke about the same tool (, CoinWatch is available on OSX and permit you to see the current price of currency in one look, CoinTicker is only available on IOS/Ipad I know a couple of apps are doing something similar, but my goal is to have some pricing alerts, ICO reminder, airdrop reminder as well; and never miss anymore something important in the cryptoworld
@brunolemos oh ok! Did not know about this one, that's pretty similar than CoinWatch for now, but I don't want to have just a tracking cryptocurrency tool, I also want to be reminded and alerted and never miss anything about the cryptocurrency world
Cool, please post updates here when new features become available