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Sergiu Bagrin
Hi Everyone! I’m Sergiu Bagrin, co-founder of BitBlox.me BitBlox will help you build beautiful sites, by adding pre-made design elements - called blocks to the page and then edit everything within. All of this without having coding skills. Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback! Thanks !
Desmond Popkowski
@desmondzik · Digital marketing specialist
Hi Sergiu, congrats on the hunt. This is the type of product that interests me the most, so I've noticed that there's quite a lot of those recently. I've got two questions: - Is your product page made with BitBlox? If not, it's pretty discouraging - any plans for a web-dev pricing model? (for those who create websites for clients using tools like yours) T… See more
Enzo Giannone
@enzo_gi · Project Manager - Digital Marketing
What is the essential difference between Webflow or Squarespace?
Dhruba Adhikari
@acpmasquerade · Product Director, Picovico
crazy.. +1
Sergiu Bagrin
@fabs_31 Thank you so much for he upvote on @ProductHunt! I really appreciate the support!