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Hi Everyone!
I’m Sergiu Bagrin, co-founder of

BitBlox will help you build beautiful sites, by adding pre-made design elements - called blocks to the page and then edit everything within. All of this without having coding skills.

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback!

Thanks !
Cackle —
Hi @sergiu_bagrin, is your site builder support javascript embed like ,
Hi @cackleru, Last week we finished with javascript embed, multi-language, block options, button options, sticky blocks, global block data. We need up to two weeks to test and publish it
Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message

A real competitor for WIX
Ammar Aslan — Developer
@sergiu_bagrin really it is beautiful but i think you should decrease the price. Maybe you can request yearly price and a bit cheaper.
Reony T — Designer & EV Advocate
@sergiu_bagrin I've been using recently for my new website. Will have to check this one out!
Desmond Popkowski — Digital marketing specialist
Hi Sergiu, congrats on the hunt. This is the type of product that interests me the most, so I've noticed that there's quite a lot of those recently. I've got two questions:

- Is your product page made with BitBlox? If not, it's pretty discouraging

- any plans for a web-dev pricing model? (for those who create websites for clients using tools like yours)

Thanks and good luck!
@desmondzik Thanks for your feedback!

- Nope, our product page was not made with BItBlox editor. There is some blocks in product page which is more specific and there is no such editor who can make customization like this.
- Yes, we plan to have web-dev pricing model, it will be available in about 2 months.

Have a nice day and good luck too!
Lex — Founder at
@desmondzik good first question, too bad this baker doesn't eat his own bread
Jeffrey Wyman — At the intersection of Tech and Business
@loudijk @desmondzik It's surprisingly common
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