Team bookmarking and note-sharing.

Birdbox helps you learn and grow with your team by enabling team bookmarking and brainstorming.

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Great idea! However, the name instantly made me think of Netflix and memes πŸ˜…
@aaronoleary Yup, but we promise that it is not scary
@aaronoleary came here for this one:)
Quick feedback on the landing page: 1. I think "Knowledge collaboration should be a habit, not an event." should change to something that easily explains what the product does. Something around "team bookmarking and brainstorming" will be better. 2. The illustration just after the "Get started" button is not necessary. I think it should go. The screenshot under it is more important and should be emphasized (bigger).
@kehers Hi Opeyemi, these are really great feedbacks... We will make the changes as you suggested. Thanks a lot for the feedbacks πŸ˜„
I always get suspicious about the quality of a product that blatantly copies a trendy name, word, or phrase. Please consider originality when you rebrand this.
@al_boulley Unless they already had the name before the movie came out. I wondered about that.
@al_boulley Hi Al, I can understand the confusion but we always had this name. We have been working on it for the past year with the same name & domain. It's just a pure coincidence that Netflix released a film with the same name. In our brand, Birdbox signifies a place/space (hence Birdbox as a metaphor) where team members can huddle together and collaborate on knowledge. Hope that clears the confusion.
@christine_renee Yes Christine, as explained to Al, we had this name for over a year. Netflix coming up with the movie is just a coincidence, which is turning into a quite funny one too πŸ˜„
Hi, I just tried to sign in and I got a prompt saying that I must sign in with a work email, so I was a bit confused. Since you only provide Google signin and also required a work email, do you only accept a user who is Google employee?
@yaoping Hi Ping Yao, since it's a team product (where you collaborate on knowledge with your team), it requires your official ID. Anyone with their official Gsuite ID can start using it. We kept it Gsuite, since most of our users and teams we approached uses Gsuite for authentication. If your company/team doesn't use Gsuite, let us know which one your team uses, we are working on enabling other ways to sign up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback :)
@yaoping @nitishvashistha I tried it with my Gsuite ID and from the app landing page: clicked on CTA: GET Started with Birdbox. But clicking on that led me only to a blank light grey page with "Welcome to BIRDBOX" followed up with the product tagline "your workplace knowledge feed" message . It doesn't anymore move from there πŸ˜•
@nikki_ela_sangil Hi Nikki, check the snapshot at link - once. I am guessing you are getting stuck here and not getting the Google sign in option. This usually happens because of slow internet or some network issue. Just refreshing it once should work. If you are still facing the issue, you can take the snapshot of issue and mail me at We will look into it asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I cannot sign in with the Google Sign-in option. Tried 4 times on Mozilla Firefox 65.0