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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2019
Bird helps PMs, QA, Engineers and Designers spend less time on bugs. It's a screen recording tool that automatically captures technical data allowing developers to fix issues faster.
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Greetings to all fellow hunters! We have created Bird in hope that it will allow you to spend less time de-bugging and more time building features. Having built a few products together, we have experienced the issues that teams face when it comes to bug reporting first hand. One day one of us said: "It would be really nice if you could record a video of a bug - like you normally do with QuickTime - but it would also come with console logs, so that the problem could be located and fixed faster." And then we thought: "Actually, it would indeed save a lot of time." And so, Bird Eats Bug was born. Bird is in its early days and we have some cool features in the pipeline, like recording networks errors and most importantly - low-energy continuous recording (like a dash cam), so that when you encounter a bug, you can just rewind back and see what led to it. We really hope that you will find Bird helpful and wish happy bug reporting, Francisco, Jacky and Dan
Just added to Chrome, and I'm really loving what I see so far. Super slick and lightning quick. UX = 10/10, nothing to learn. Insanely fast -- nice job guys! Going to feel this one out, but so far, really great stuff
@kevinyun, thanks a lot for detailed feedback. Let us know if you have any issues or feature suggestions in the future.
This is amazing.
Thanks, @yanninvo! Really hope you enjoy using it :)
Currently using it on our staging, works great so far! Keep it up
Thanks, @lud_sandstorm! Hope you catch all the bugs before they get to production :)
Very nice! Liked you landing page and especially the illustration there :)
Thank you, @dima_grossman! Hope you will like the product as well!