Birch 2.0 for credit card rewards πŸ’° ✈️

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Launched 6 months ago, Birch looks at your current credit and debit cards to see where you're spending and missing out on rewards by not using the right card at each purchase. In version 2, Birch groups your missed rewards into categories and merchants and show you exactly which cards to use and when you missed out. Tracks over 700 subscriptions and show you your spending and subscriptions (soon bills) on a handy monthly calendar See where your money is going by how often you shop at certain stores, spend on categories, etc and how much you've spent compared to your income. Set travel goals and find the best ways to redeem your rewards for that next vacation ✈️! :)
@kwdinc travel goals is coming out towards the end of this month! but ill make sure anyone who signs up via PH gets early access :)
Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹ I'm Alex Cohen, one of the makers of Birch. You may recognize us from when we launched 6 months ago at Disrupt NY, and we're back with a brand new revamp of the web app. In short, we built Birch because both myself and my co-founder had multiple credit cards that earned rewards, making it difficult to keep track of which to use and what we were earning. Plus, different points and miles earn different rewards and blog sites and forums weren't cutting it. Existing PFM tools felt focused on spending only. So we built Birch. In the US only right now (sorry peeps, promise we'll get international at some point), support over 175 of the major credit cards, and we value points and miles in real time based on your preferences and location. On the redeeming side, we launch goals at the end of this month - allows you to set a travel goal, like a flight from Miami to NYC, link your reward programs, and based on your past spending and our predictive analysis of the cost of the flight in rewards when it's time to book, we'll help you set a goal to get there. Reach out with questions/feedback! And thanks Kevin for hunting us!
what is the difference of and Birch 2.0? I am sure it is the same page, the same product , just 2nd attempt to vote for the same product.
@dainiskanopa The initial version of the app only supported around 75 credit cards and was focused on personalized credit card recommendations. It's basically a whole new product, with actionable missed reward recommendations, tracking for hundreds of subscriptions, spending trends and better insight into spending.
Fantastic. Can't wait for Birch to be able to tell me what credit cards to use in each scenario, real time.
@alexcohenbirch This looks like a great platform to fill a specific demand. How does Birch actually prevent me from using the wrong card at the wrong time? Or does it look at only historical spending and alerts me to use the right card next time? Congrats!
@davidsfeng Thanks David! Fortunately for us the demand is quite large. Average person has 4 credit cards and 13 loyalty programs. Right now we backtrack the historical spending to help you make smart spending decisions going forward. And we send you an email each week with your missed rewards and our tips. I think the biggest value ad is that your cards from all different issuers and reward programs are aggregated into one place with full transparency and analytics. We've got some really cool stuff planned in the pipeline for real time recommendations!