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Helps users manage their rewards programs and points across multiple credit cards and accounts. Birch plugs into a bank account, looks at a user’s spending habits and recommends what kinds of cards they should sign up for, or how they should spend their money in order to maximize their point returns. For example, Birch might recommend that a user buys products with a specific card at a store like Macy’s in order to get the most points.
@kwdinc Thanks Kevin!
@kwdinc Does it work in any country?
@sstass @kwdinc Only in the US right now. Where are you from?
Congrats on launching at Disrupt yesterday! What else do you guys have planned on the roadmap into the next year in terms of larger features?
@charleyma Hey Charley! Next on our list is obviously working out some of the kinks around transactions and recommendations, adding more cards and then in app budgeting and notifications about where you spend and shop. Hopefully we can goals up and going soon and we will be rolling that out in batches!
does it works out from USA?
@m3tthew Hey Matt, we only support US banks at this time
hah, because in Ukraine banks - are not the banks :)
Is there any way to change the type of credit card that you selected when you first connected accounts? I accidentally set my Chase Sapphire as a Chase United Mileage Plus card.
@sleumasm Hey Mitch, if you could chat us in app via the help bubble on the right, we can go in and change that for you. Changing the cards you selected as well as changing reward preferences are the next two things on our priority to add to the profile page.
@sleumasm Hey Mitch - we added support for this yesterday. Under your profile there is an option choose the cards you have linked. Thanks!
@sleumasm Hey Mitch! Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know we launched V2 yesterday. Would love to hear what you think!
Hey everyone! Just a quick update. There are some bugs we are working out such as A. Removing your linked accounts, B. Linking a Chase account (their security auth isn't working right now) C. Deleting Accounts and some other improvements. I really appreciate all the feedback and you guys who have tried it out have been amazing. Please let me know how we can improve and thanks for working with us through the bugs