Dual-device platform: measure biometrics & record activities

Biostrap is a wearable platform dedicated in health insights and activity tracking

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Hello, ProductHunters! 😻 Thank you so much for hunting and helping us beta test our product, @hnshah! Biostrap was born out of a desire to deliver a consumer wearable dedicated to providing insights geared towards total health. Some of our clear differentiators include: 1. Full-body tracking. By placing sensors on both your wrist and shoe, we're able to get a complete picture of your exercises and provide meaningful metrics (such as reps, duration, consistency). We auto-recognize cardio movements, and you can train any repetitive exercise that isn't in our library once, and we'll automatically recognize it whenever you perform it. Let's say you want to work your glutes and you're doing Side-Lying Leg Lifts. You can train it once and we'll auto-recognize and it for you in the future. We like to think about it like Shazam for your body movements. 2. Deep biometric insights. When it comes to biometrics, most trackers today only do heart beat counting. We take an entirely different approach -- We use a clinical quality pulse oximeter to capture raw high-fidelity waveforms. This allows us to extract even more meaningful data from your pulse, like HRV, Oxygen Saturation, and Respiratory Rate. We're extremely excited to be a part of this community! We are offering all Product Hunters worldwide free shipping! Just put the code "HappyHunting" at checkout to get it. Let us know what you think, and what features you would like to see from us.
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@sameerkat @hnshah Haha nice write up! Happy Launch Day BTW!
@sameerkat I'm upvoting you just for that gif.
@goldstrom haha thanks! 😻
Biostrap is the new kid on the block when it comes to wearables. They have two devices, one for your wrist and one for your shoes. As a result their devices (along with some machine learning magic) they claim to track a more comprehensive set of data than the usual suspects in the market currently.
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Slick looking product! I hope it also delivers on the promise. Nice work @Sameer & team!
@ovinegrean Thanks so much, Ovi! We're confident we will deliver. But, we're also open to listening to customer feedback. :D
What type of improvement have you seen after using your own Biostrap compared to other tracking methods before? Did the extra data turn into results (e.g. hitting a goal, setting a new PR, etc.)?
@kunalslab Great question, Kunal!
As far as workouts go, with a start-up and a baby, my goals have mainly been to just trying to stay active as much as possible. Here are a few improvements I've seen in my experience: 1. I've never logged my workouts via pen and paper (because it's just so much effort and tedious). But, you can't improve what you don't track. I'm able to hold myself accountable by having a system keep track of it for me. 2. One of the top level metrics that's helped me be more efficient in the gym is "Active time." That's the amount of time spent exercising vs. resting. Previously, I found myself somewhere around 30%. Imagine being in the gym for 2 hours, and only 36 min of that was spent lifting! I found that reducing my rest to about 1 min after each exercise helped me keep my heart rate up and leave the gym earlier and be in the range of 50-70% active.
Nice one guys
@naijarace Thanks for your kind words!