Dual-device platform: measure biometrics & record activities

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Sameer Sontakey
@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
Hello, ProductHunters! 😻 Thank you so much for hunting and helping us beta test our product, @hnshah! Biostrap was born out of a desire to deliver a consumer wearable dedicated to providing insights geared towards total health. Some of our clear differentiators include: 1. Full-body tracking. By placing sensors on both your wrist and shoe, we're able to… See more
Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
Biostrap is the new kid on the block when it comes to wearables. They have two devices, one for your wrist and one for your shoes. As a result their devices (along with some machine learning magic) they claim to track a more comprehensive set of data than the usual suspects in the market currently.
Ovi Negrean
@ovinegrean · Founder @SocialBeeHQ, @getnuggetapp
Slick looking product! I hope it also delivers on the promise. Nice work @Sameer & team!
@naijarace · Android Programe, Google Play Store
Nice one guys
Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
What type of improvement have you seen after using your own Biostrap compared to other tracking methods before? Did the extra data turn into results (e.g. hitting a goal, setting a new PR, etc.)?