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Heyo Product Hunt! 😀 What is Billme? After years of experience running an online marketing agency and chasing invoices we’ve decided to build an app to eliminate the number 1 excuse: “I haven’t received the invoice, please resend it” Billme is the invoicing app that helps freelancers and small businesses get paid faster! With Billme you can easily: - Create invoices on the go - Send them to your customers via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or email - Get notified when your customer opens the invoice - Get paid fast via our online payment solution We now offer 14 days free trial for our new users. Ask us anything! 💬
@alex_circei are you finding that businesses are sending invoices through fb Messenger?
@andrewwarner @alex_circei That's a great point, what do people usually use when they send invoices electronically?
@andrewwarner @cturlica Traditionally, invoice software uses the email as the main channel of sending the invoice. We believe that the rise of messaging apps can help freelancers and small businesses create a closer relationship with their clients and also make it much easier to see when the clients got the invoice. If our merchants prefer email, we got them covered. Billme allows you to see when their clients viewed the invoice and makes it easy for them to follow up afterwards if they did not pay. We also allow the clients to pay the invoices online via Stripe and (soon) Braitree right from the invoice they send to them. So the Billme flow would be: create invoice fast on mobile, send it via an instant messaging channel (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc). Your client then can pay you instantly from the link they get. All done under one minute.
@alex_circei @andrewwarner My feeling is that instant messaging could bring a lot of value in the business, closing the gaps in the transaction flow. It is highly undervalued.
@andrewwarner invoices sent via email can go to spam. this can lead to delayed payments. with fb messenger, you are more aware of your inbox.
This looks great. Is it a mobile app or a mobile responsive website? What do you use for payments (Braintree/Stripe)? I like it because you can't really venmo request businesses -- you always need to send an official invoice. Product looks slick.
@cturlica Hi, for the current moment it is a mobile responsive website but we are working on an IOS app. We use Stripe, it is very easy to setup but we will also add Braintree and others. Thanks!
@alex_circei That's great. Nice product. Stripe is good, I don't think there's any need to add Braintree once you have a working payment gateway. How are you promoting it to users? Have you tried doing leadgen on platforms like Upwork, eLance, etc. While these guys won't use it for their work on those platforms, a lot of them also do work on the side with clients...
@cturlica We are looking for partnerships with some freelancers platform but we will try also leadgen in FB ads.
@cturlica, we had long talks inside the team about whether to do for mobile too before launch. In the spirit of lean startup, we decided to go out and see what people really want as fast as possible. Web, mobile, bots (:D) are anyway just interfaces for your users.
@andrei_blaj Did you build it in React? If not you can always do it in React Native. That's what we did...
@cturlica we use Angular.JS. We also used Material Design. We also looked into React before but it still needs 1-2 years to mature. @aartimon can give you more info on Pros/Cons for React/Angular. :)
Is it available on Android?
@karinetrepanier yes, you can access from your Android device. The interface is optimised for mobile/tablet/desktop screens. :) We are working on native apps for iOS and Android.
@andrei_blaj @karinetrepanier Hi Karine, I hope our Android app it will be available very soon 🙏🏻
Looks neat! Solving a real pain. GG team