BillGO Messenger Bot

First Facebook Messenger bot to pay bills

With all of the Messenger bots, this is a practical one! Really cool that you can also split bills and pay roommates. I can FINALLY get my roommate to kick in for their portion of bills/utilities 🙌
Bills have never been so easy 🤖💸📲 FYI here's the link to try it out!
We've created this bot to make paying bills easier. If you want to fully experience the bot, download BillHero, create an account, and start paying bills the easy way. Thanks for the great feedback and we would love to answer any questions! -The team at BillHero
Awesome bot. Really cool - great job on making bill pay simple and easy.
Hello Product Hunt Community and Big Thank You to @erictwillis ! We started BillHero with the vision of creating an all-in-one solution to the pain that is: paying bills. We have created an app and now a Messenger Bot that further eases the bill pay process. We give you one tool to manage, split, and pay all of your bills…even rent. In just 6 months we have built some robust features like the ability to directly login to over 7,000 billers, picture pay®, bots, and all with bank-grade security. With the bot you can pay bills without ever having to leave Facebook. Download BillHero, create an account, and test the bot out for yourself. We love feedback! Thank you all for your amazing support! We will try our best to respond to each of you that reach out and look for more big things in the future! Dan Holt CEO and Co-Founder of BillHero