Automatically schedule your tasks to meet deadlines.

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Bigticks is a simple web app that helps you get on top of your work by automatically scheduling your tasks to meet deadlines.

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Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Interesting, does the app learn your task habits over time to predict them?
Rob Frat
Rob FratMaker@rob_frat · Founder
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron, at this stage it doesn't. Interesting idea. Thanks for your comments!
Rob Frat
Rob FratMaker@rob_frat · Founder
Hi Product Hunt, I’m Rob the founder of Bigticks. We’ve developed a simple web app that helps you get on top of your work by automatically scheduling your tasks to meet deadlines. You’ll see WHAT to do next and WHEN, and the time to spend each day to reach deadlines without last minute rushing. Just enter your estimated time to do each task and their deadlines and Bigticks will schedule everything for you. We know there are tons of great task management and scheduling apps already available, but we felt that scheduling needed a boost with some clever automation, so people can quickly see how to fit everything in, or what additional help is needed, or if they should be trying to negotiate extensions! It’s currently free and we’d love to get some early adopters to give us some feedback on our minimum viable product, especially if you think our auto scheduling is useful for managing your work. Happy to answer any questions!
Nathaniel John
Nathaniel John@nathanielcharming · Product lover at
I'll surely try out your app. With the automation part, how does it rank tasks based on important if I have the same deadline for two different activities?
Rob Frat
Rob FratMaker@rob_frat · Founder
@nathanielcharming Hi Nathanial, thanks for your comment. Bigticks will schedule tasks by earliest deadline followed by task list (priority) order. So if you have two tasks with the same deadline, the higher priority task (with the smaller list number next to it) will be scheduled first. I'm glad you'll try the app, we'd love to hear from you if you have any other comments.
Hi Rob, This looks great. It was something I was thinking about recently. I am listening to Algorithms to Live by ( and there is a chapter on task scheduling. Looks like you've done a great job. Couple of questions: Dependencies - in your example, you ticked all tasks, then selected create dependency, and ordered the tasks accordingly. But what if Landing Page content, was dependant on Finish Blog Article. Therefore you'd need to do the blog article first... How does this work? Pricing - Seems very reasonable. But the thing that would hold me back from this it the UI. Todo lists/task scheduling should be as basic as possible. Having the Gantt chart is a nice option, but it would be great if there was a List mode, in which case all I can see is the tasks I have to do, the order in which to do it, and the time est to take. Literally a list. Google Calendar integration - It would be cool if you could send the tasks it believes you can complete by the end of the day to your google calendar and have the areas blocked out. Also take into consideration the current meetings in the calendar... Looks great, exited to use the free trial
Rob Frat
Rob FratMaker@rob_frat · Founder
@rdlou Hi Robert, thanks very much for your great comments! Much appreciated. Bigticks also allows you to create multiple dependencies (but only on higher priority tasks to avoid complicated loops). Hence task number 4 (Launch on Product Hunt) can be dependent on any combination of the previous 3 tasks. In order to set multiple dependencies, you'll need to open the Update Task dialogue box (by double clicking on a task) then set the dependencies in the Advanced Options section (displayed by clicking on the "Advanced Options" link). I appreciate your comment regarding the UI which we've kept pretty basic for the moment since most of our focus has been on auto scheduling to meet deadlines with workload balancing (which is a really complex feat). We'd look to improve the UI in later releases. You can however get a list of today's tasks (without the gantt) by selecting "Day" from the timeline drop down in the menu bar. I definitely agree with your comment regarding Google Calendar integration! That would be really great, and something we'd consider as part of a later release. I hope this answers your above questions. We really hope you enjoy the trial and we'd love to hear how you go. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need any other assistance or questions answered.