Turn two phones and tablets into a smart baby monitor.

Why carry around hardware baby monitors, when you already have everything you need? Bibino turns two phones and tablets into a reliable baby monitor. 👶 Hear and watch over your little one, and soothe your baby remotely with your voice and lovely lullabies.
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Dear ProductHunters and parents! 👋 We're happy to introduce you to our brand new baby monitoring app Bibino. Bibino turns any two phones, tablets (and very soon also computers) into a practical and reliable baby monitor. 👶 With Bibino app, we hope to provide parents with a baby monitor that's reliable, always available, and easy to use. Hear and watch HD video of your baby in real-time. See whether your baby is sleeping peacefully or whether it starts to wake up. Bibino notifies you whenever noise is detected. Use a two-way video and audio to soothe your baby when it starts to wake up. Select from a wide range of lullabies and sleeping sounds, or record your own. Make Bibino truly yours, enter the name of your baby, gender, set a skin tone, and upload your photo. You can scroll through a history of past monitorings to see how long your baby was sleeping and replay captured sounds. Bibino was created with love and care from parents to parents, and it just launched on iOS and Android. DOWNLOAD Bibino and try it now for free. 😍 We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions, our Bibino team is ready to answer. 😊
This seems perfect! My wife and I are expecting and were looking for something that supported Google Assistant....but this might be the app for us! @anniek are there any vids of the app in use? Think it would help encourage more parents & parents-to-be to try it :) Congrats on the launch!
@juan_perez2 Hi, thank you so much! :) We do not have a video yet, but we definitely plan to do them very soon. :) I hope you'll give Bibino a try and you'll find the app helpful. :)