Bias Correct

A tool to stop unconscious gender bias at work

The truth is gender bias is so ingrained in society that it’s almost automatic.
That’s why we created the #BiasCorrect Plug-In—a tool that helps you spot your own unconscious bias in everyday conversations
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We were just discussing it with @abadesi! The Slack extension seems like a great tool. It offers alternatives words but also explains why. We should install it on ALL THE SLACKS
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@abadesi @syswarren and not tell anyone 🤭👀
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@abadesi @amrith Sorry but we're not as fast as you!!
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Is BiasCorrect essentially a negativity-reducing word suggestion tool wrapped in the mission of workplace equality? I am absolutely supportive of workplace equality (and proud to be working for an industry-leading employer in terms of equality and equal opportunity), but was curious if the platform had specific language detection for female vs male/undefined subjects. As the brand grows, BiasCorrect could become a powerful platform for reducing all forms of workplace and interpersonal discrimination, whether it be a bias stemming from gender, race, rank, or other personal characteristics. Just my two cents, and I wish you nothing but success
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I saw this on twitter and as the Founder of this is a great solution to an epidemic problem in the tech world and beyond. My love to the creators of this!
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This is really cool I'd love to see what impact it can have on people's interactions within a team/company over time!
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@abadesi really cool! 😍
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Freedom of speech < protecting you from boohoos? If ur sexist this helps you pretend ur not while doing nothing about the real issue. As Mr Wonderful says, "it howls at the moon, take it behind the barn and shoot it." How can PH even push something this dumb? Used to be great products getting featured, now it's more and more of this pc crap.


Nothing. It's dumb.


Time wasted could be spent fixing real problems. Denies snowflakes opportunity to grow character.

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