Bias Barometer

Better understand the bias behind the news you are reading

Bias Barometer is a Chrome Extension designed to help you better understand the bias of your news diet.

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Hey Product Hunt, @aaronzlewis and I are launching this Chrome Extension to see if it can help people better understand the bias in their news media consumption. We've both been using it the past few weeks and it's been an interesting way to stay aware of our filter bubbles. Surprising how a little bit of feedback can encourage you to branch out and read things you might've otherwise avoided. We’re pulling bias data from AllSides. They use a combo of surveys, community feedback, and 3rd-party sources to rate news sites. We don't keep any of your browsing data -- it's all stored locally. Try it out for a few days, and let us know what you think! Cheers, -Greg and Aaron
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One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in Journalism is your personal bias, it can instantly render your article not news-worthy. Not only can this help people find objective news, but it could potentially help Journalists work to remove bias in their writing. Great idea!
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Hi, very cool product! TrueStory ( is trying to take this further and actually recommend you similar but opposed articles. Go check it out! (there's a Chrome extension and web app)