Post to Buffer (almost) instantaneously in Chrome.

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Yo, @lachlanjc! I love that you're always hacking on something. Clever hack, reducing a step when posting to Buffer (which already reduces a lot of steps in broadcasting to several networks).
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! I use Buffer pretty often and thought this would be a great way to write my first Chrome extension. It's very simple technically, but I've found it handy. 👊
I built BFX as a little Chrome extension over the weekend. It's super simple: just type "bfx" in the Chrome bar, then your post text. BFX will open Buffer with your text preloaded, so you can just post or schedule right there to any of your accounts. If you just type "bfx," the Buffer app will open. It's nothing complicated, but I've found it a cool little shortcut to using Buffer. Feedback (or PRs) welcome!
@lachlanjc Yo Lachlan, this is so awesome! We should totally brainstorm on other great ideas for streamlining the Buffer flow! :)
@marc_rosa Hey, totally! You can send me an email at hello [a] I'd love to hear your thoughts.