BFF Trump

Navigate Trump's hate, from "walls" to "women"

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Brendan Bilko
@bilko · betaworks // Dexter
When it comes to political and cause-driven initiatives, SS+K creates killer products that live at the intersection of creative and technology. It was no surprise to us that they created a totally different kind of experience with a treasure trove of quotes from a certain presidential candidate — a chatbot that's a far cry from the friendly assistants we've … See more
Gabriel Whaley
@gabriel_whaley · MSCHF.xyz
not sure if it's possible...but I was trying to find a way to make a group chat w bfftrump in it...with some friends/family members of mine... 😁
@lukedeannif · Health IT Entrepreneur
Is this really a tool to "inform about positions" or is it more beating a dead horse? Trump's a horrible candidate, etc, to be sure, but I don't see the societal benefit to stuff like this. It's focusing on negativity when we could spend our time doing better things.
Cameron Banowsky
@cbanowsky · hacker