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Bezar, the predecessor to @youngbradford's, launched today (here's @jordancrook's TC coverage). The site is beautiful, featuring some very unique products.
At first I thought this was like an upscale "ThisIsWhyImBroke", but once I gave over my Facebook login (never like doing that just to access a site) I was delighted to see that it is, in fact, way cooler than that. The basic premise is that each day they'll add a "pop-up shop" to the site in one of four categories, with each shop lasting for around 3 days and featuring unique products from various designers. The items are somewhat eclectic, so not mass-market, but definitely items that there is a market for. Think vibrantly coloured shoelaces for your black business shoes, or $80 ceramic/geometric animal busts for displaying in your home. This has actually got me wondering if one of my products would go well in here. I think I'll contact them and have a chat. I wonder if they take all the product photos themselves, or whether they leave that up to the designer. There are some pretty impressive shots here.
@rossdcurrie Thanks. Send me an email if you have products you want us to consider: and also fill in The photos: all vendor supplied. Independent designers take great pics. We obviously "recolor" them to our visual identity. But we're more collage artists than photographers.
@bezar @youngbradford I thought that might be the case - took a quick look at Tom Dixon's website and could see the images were the same. I'm actually just about to click send on that form now, cheers
@bezar @youngbradford Just clicked send on that too :)
Beautiful site, this is not easy to pull off. But what I love the most - the #howbezar hashtag.
@andythegiant The song is good too!
It's beautiful indeed. Hand picked products in a great UX. Congrats
Reminds me of the old days of Fab. Truly unique products, price range is strong, beautiful site. Good luck, guys!
@pe_feeds Thanks Sumeet. Means a lot. :)
@youngbradford You're welcome, Brad! I regret not reaching out when I started hearing about Bezar, especially as you were the snazziest dresser at the Lerer holiday party last year... :-)