Beyond the Pitch

A forum to help entrepreneurs with mental illness

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There is an absolute need for this sort of a service. However, I am interested to know what the plan is to keep the content high quality. This will be important from both the individuals seeking help as well as the individuals giving feedback. It seems that right now the platform is fairly open, and I am curious if it would be better with more curation.
@lapecc Hi Tony, That is a great question, and something we have been thinking about at Beyond the Pitch. We have plans to implement a content voting system to ensure the posts remind relevant and contribute to the discussion. At the same time we don't want to censor the discussion. We would love your input on this though! What are your thoughts?
@rrhoover, I'm currently looking back at your post on the issue of depression in the startup community that was written by @eriktorenberg on 'burnout and depression'. "Startups can be particularly lonely because theres a huge cognitive dissonance - everyone has to pretend they're always killing it - to fuel the hype machine for investors, customers and less. however, most of the time - given the failure rate of startups - most peoples businesses are dying, slowly and painfully: It's not founders' faults - this dissonance is built in the game. Were trying to will something to existence. "Fake it until we make it" is almost part of the job description" Q - Do you feel they're are not enough resources out there to help entrepreneurs, if any?
@elliotisles honestly, I think it's less about the amount of resources available and more about the willingness and self-awareness of founders to ask for help. But this is purely based on my own assumptions and anecdotal observations. What do you think?
This is a really good idea. Wishing you good luck on making it succeed :) Added to my "Helping Hands" collection.
@marwannas Thanks for the feedback and the add :)
Hey hunters! Thanks for the hunt. I created Beyond the Pitch to be the go-to place for entrepreneurs. Having witnessed firsthand the psychological toll that creating a business can have, forced me to create somewhat of a 'club' where entrepreneurs can hang out and offer advice to other entrepreneurs. It is somewhat of a skeleton at this stage, with a lot more features that I plan on implementing over the coming weeks. I would be incredibly grateful if we could have some hunters come on board and assist, as I am currently the only one behind the scenes wanting to drive this and fix the depression epidemic in the startup community.
Landing page definitely needs more info on what this platform actually is.
@kristapslazda Hey there - Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree. I created this forum in between my university breaks. My skills are not as sharp as I had envisioned. We'll get working on refining our landing page :)