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In partnership with Tinder...What is the link?
@bentossell it's like Tinder but for women to make friends. The companies share some DNA, apparently.
@bentossell boom, there you go! /cc @oliviajune
Nice to have an app like this!
Hey! Thanks for hunting, friends! I made this app to solve for the fact that it's simply hard to make new friends as an adult. Life moves quickly, and with moving, travel, changing jobs, the ins and outs of romance, and major life stage changes (hello, motherhood!), I found the most essential thing to feel at home, confident, happy, and living our best lives, is a network of supportive friends. Hey! VINA is connecting hundreds of thousands of women of all ages (college to retirement!!) in 155 countries around the world to new friends, activity partners, and professional connections. Available on iOS only (for now), and we're backed by NEA, Tinder, Greylock, and Wildcat Venture Partners. We all get by with a little help from our friends... right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Shoot me any questions!
Much needed app! Clever user profiles.
Great product, and much needed! Finding quality friends is a huge pain point post college.