Connecting awesome women for fun, for work, for life


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
In partnership with Tinder...What is the link?
Lisa Q. Fetterman
@lisaqfetterman · CEO, Nomiku
Nice to have an app like this!
olivia june
@oliviajune · CEO, Co-Founder of VINA
Hey! Thanks for hunting, friends! I made this app to solve for the fact that it's simply hard to make new friends as an adult. Life moves quickly, and with moving, travel, changing jobs, the ins and outs of romance, and major life stage changes (hello, motherhood!), I found the most essential thing to feel at home, confident, happy, and living our best lives… See more
Brianne Kimmel
@briannekimmel · Growth Marketing @Zendesk, Teacher @GA
Much needed app! Clever user profiles.
Eva Hibnick
Great product, and much needed! Finding quality friends is a huge pain point post college.