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first I would like to thank @bulat_alex for kindly posting Betterspot on Product Hunt. following our successful Betternet and HexaTech VPN applications with millions of users on iOS and Android, we believe Betterspot is going to be a great addition. the purpose behind the device is to provide the same private and secure browsing capability for all connected devices at home or office, even those that may not have a direct VPN application. after almost a year of design and development, we launched the pre-order on Kickstarter last week and will be shipping the orders in January.
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@raminbehzadi @bulat_alex Really interested in this. One question: I have google wifi (a main hub) with an additional access point) for my home office. I am looking for a VPN hardware device that I can connect between my modem and Google wifi to port all traffic through the VPN hardware (to a VPN service)- then out through the router. So I can ensure all devices that connect to Google wifi - are encrypted (vs. at the per device level with either hardware or software). I read up about this on Indiegogo and not quite clear if my use case is supported (I see Direct Mode - but can't quite determine if that is what I need). Is this more for per device connections (Like on the go?) or can this be used as a go-between on my router?
After 3 years it works like a charm. I hope you to release a new version of betterspot
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