Schedule your next physical therapy appointment online.

BetterPT is the simple, secure way to schedule physical therapy online. Say goodbye to piles of intake paperwork and wasted time haggling over insurance on the phone. We match you with the right clinic based on doctor's referral, location, insurance, and more.
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I have used BetterPT, it worked well. Basically more specialized and better zocdoc.
@alex_bell1 Thanks for the positive feedback! We strive to provide the best experience for both our patient and clinic users.
We are so excited to launch BetterPT, improving patient access to healthcare and putting patient security first. Until now, physical therapy has been the most overlooked and under-utilized sector in healthcare, but we believe better healthcare starts with BetterPT.
As science continues to drive innovations in musculoskeletal healthcare, patient access to physical therapy has never been worse. Why? Because there is still no inbound patient management tool secure enough to handle sensitive PHI while also playing nice with the legacy software that many clinics still use at their front desks. BetterPT solves this problem, focusing on access, security, and interoperability. We give patients the perfect resource so that they can discover the perfect PT clinic for them.
Is it worldwide or local?
@gabrielebrook16 Currently, BetterPT is available in most of the US. We are constantly expanding so please check back regularly for additional states. Thank you for viewing our product.
Not bad, but sadly only for US:(
@markbower333 Yes for now, but we have plans to expand. Where are you located?
@markbower333 We're in talks with various parties in the UK, it is likely that is the first international location we will expand to. We will update on our blog and on Product Hunt as soon as we have more news.