Guide for combating sexual harassment in the workplace

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@KatManalac, thanks for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt! I'm Tammy, one of the creators of BetterBrave. Like many of you, my co-creators and I were heartbroken by the stories of rampant sexual harassment in the tech world. Unsurprisingly, this issue expands way beyond the tech world. But did you know by how much? One in three women (ages 18-34) are harassed in the workplace. We were compelled to figure out a solution to this longstanding problem. Over the past few months, we talked to hundreds of people (targets of harassment, HR, founders, investors, and lawyers) to understand the full landscape of harassment at work. We're so proud to announce that these months of research have resulted in BetterBrave - the go-to provider of resources and tools to empower targets of harassment. Our first resource is a free guide that outlines what you should do if you ever experience sexual harassment in the workplace. We can also help you connect with local employment lawyers (read our guide to find out why). Check out our guide: Why we started this: We hope this is helpful to you. Please pass on our guide to someone you think would find it useful! Lastly, we're always looking for feedback on how we can improve and be more helpful. Please feel free to comment below or DM us with your questions, comments, or concerns! We're at With love, Team BetterBrave P.S. It's free, so just go and check us out!
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Congrats on launching! This is a very useful, much-needed site and great starting point for anyone who's experienced sexual harassment at work (or knows someone that has). I like that you also connect people with lawyers.
@nolimits Thanks Adora! We're excited to be live and are so happy that you find this useful. It's been a crazy few months researching and putting this together with the team. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions or feedback around what we're working on!
This is a really valuable tool @tammywcho - an unbiased, clear starting point for victims, advocates, and anyone at any company, regardless of company size. It's rare to see such a thorough account of what happens behind the scenes, like what HR investigations typically look like and how victims can document inappropriate situations. I also really appreciate the perspective you give about HR's focus on the company and staying within the law, vs solely on the victim. This is so well designed and really puts victims first. Appreciate all the research you did and care you took in crafting this. I worked in corporate for 10 years and have been in startups for 1.5 and never read a succinct and clear description of the law and advice on what to do until BetterBrave. Thank you for creating this! It's a must use for everyone.
@marie_prokopets Marie, thank you so much for sharing this feedback. We're glad that you appreciated how we included both the perspective of the company as well as the target. This was something we were very intentional about highlighting. I'm so thrilled to hear that you found this to be both informative and useful, especially given your extensive experience in both corporate and startups!
Amazing work @gwaceyc @annie_shin and @tammywcho. Thank you for tackling such an important problem. Can't wait to read the guide for allies too!
@gwaceyc @annie_shin @jameslidotcom Thanks so much! We can't wait to share our guide for allies with you.
This is great @tammywcho! I'm going to send this around to my women's group. It's clear you and the team have done your research, so thank you for taking the time to help us!!!
@francium Thanks so much for your support! Let me know if you or anyone else in your women's group has any feedback they'd like to share with us. We're always looking for ways to improve the resources we provide :)