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Effortlessly sit in perfect posture + back pain relief

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Hi Product Hunt! I am super excited to share the next generation of BetterBack with you guys today. Working in front of a comp 24/7, I developed terrible sciatica pain a few years ago. Last year I put BetterBack—a posture strap that effortlessly holds you in perfect posture, easing back pain—on Kickstarter and it was a crazy/insane year becoming the first solo woman to break the $1M on Kickstarter, becoming the #1 back support on Amazon and getting investment offers on Shark Tank. We are still teeny, tiny, just a 3 person team, but had such an incredible year incorporating all of the feedback we got from backers into our next generation product: BetterBack Therapy. BetterBack Therapy allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture and get heat/ice pain relief and healing for your lower back throughout the day, whenever you need it. Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic. Wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can retrain your body’s default posture, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack Therapy, your posture is greatly improved. BetterBack Therapy comes with a whole bunch of new and upgraded features: • NEW — Heat or ice your back while you wear BetterBack (great for pain relief and to promote healing for your lower back)  • NEW — NASA memory foam padding that contours to your back for delicious comfort  • NEW — Two types of sitting support: BetterBack Therapy for targeted lumbar support and posture training or BetterBack Therapy Plus for broader all day sitting support  • NEW — Mesh pocket to insert your straps for quicker zipping  • NEW — Fits tall and plus size folks with up to a 55” waist  • NEW — Eased comfort corners for a more comfortable fit  • NEW — Vegan for the win! We've replaced all leather by popular demand • UPGRADE — Knee pads that are slip resistant • UPGRADE — Custom straps that show inside/outside so you can place your knee pads faster  • UPGRADE — Stronger center clip that doesn’t slip • UPGRADE — YKK zippers for easier zipping and more durability (considered the best on the market)  • UPGRADE — Water resistant shell The effects of good/bad posture are surprisingly far reaching, affecting everything from your productivity to your decision making to your immune system. I’d love to answer any Qs you might have! xo Katherine PS You can also check out what ~500 reviewers had to say about our OG BetterBack here: PPS We are live on Kickstarter, but began production just as soon as we hit our funding goal. BetterBack Therapy is coming in hot in just a few months! :)
@katherinekrug Are you going to deliver india? Then ordering one rightaway!
@katherinekrug One more question how to determine whether I need original size or plus?
@evivz Hi Vivek! Great to meet. We do deliver to India. :) The smaller size is adjustable, fitting people with up to a 38" waist. It offers very targeted back support and is a great posture trainer. The larger size fits folks with up to a 55" waist or is especially great if you plan on leaving it on your office chair (rather than wanting to throw it in a bag and bring it with you everywhere). It offers much broader sitting support. Hope that helps and happy to give you more details if you still aren't sure!!
@neilparikh Neil! Thank you so much! Sending you a 👊🏼
Thanks @katherinekrug! I use V1 everyday. Looks like this one has some very thoughtful improvements.
@ryan_dewsbury ❤️ love hearing this so much ❤️
Have you shown this to any doctors of physical therapy? I would highly value their appraisal as they are movement (posture) experts.
@mpascoe Hi Mike! Definitely. :) I have worked with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and many others in the development of BetterBack. Dr. Craig Antell over at NYU has treated over 15,000 back patients in his day and has been a big help to the team. We let a camera roll and asked him to share his thoughts on BetterBack here:
@mpascoe Hows your review about the v1?
I wonder how this will effect neck posture?
@juhulmania I definitely think it will improve it! Most posture breakdown starts at the lower spine and works it way up, ie. if you slouch your lower back --> upper back slowly gives way --> begin hunching over --> neck posture goes wack.
V1 works like a charm and corrected my xfit-damaged spine. Everyone over 30 in my inner circle is gonna get a BetterBack Therapy for Xmas this year.
@kendrickesq You are so great!!