Better Medium Stats

View and download your Medium stats in a better way

A feature-rich tool that helps writers on Medium view and download stats in a better way. You can see
1. Followers trend
2. How many views in any hour/week/month
3. Articles sort by metrics
4. Quick overview
... etc
And download all the data for more analysis
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Hey, Cheng-Wei here, the maker of this tool. Thank you for checking this out! This is a feature-rich tool that helps Medium writers like me have a better and more intuitive way to view the stats. I'd really appreciate it if you can share this tool with your friends who also write on Medium. You can also find the source code at Welcome your feedback! Cheng-Wei
As someone who is about to start a medium publication, I really appreciate the tool. Thank you.
@gavri_birnbaum Thanks for your kind reply. Let me know if you have any question :)
This is SO awesome. Much needed as a medium publisher. Unfortunately the stats aren't loading for me when I click on the chrome extension :(
@bigdchang I'm sorry that the extension doesn't work for you. I just send a private message to you. Thank you very much for telling me!
@hcwxd To be honest not quite sure how to reply to private messages here... the extension works now, though. Seems like it was taking a long time to initially load the data. I checked back on the extension after a few hours and it was good to go.
@bigdchang Great! Glad to know that it works for you now. Please keep me updated if you have any other question about the extension :)