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#4 Product of the DayApril 08, 2016
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This reminds me of my grandpa. He used to have his secretary buy my grandmother gifts for her birthday, anniversary, and other holidays. She loved it until she found out.
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I don't know why so many of these things are focusing on tightly coupled relationships. This is a relatively useful tool for the loosely coupled - customers, that guy in marketing, cousins, former roommates, whatever. One of these that let me set children names, their ages, and mailed occasional delightful presents to all my nieces and nephews (loosely defined because A) I'm Indian and B) my friends have kids I'm close to) would be excellent. As in, augment my loose relationships vs inserting yourself into relationships where I think about the person every day.
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@nayafia this is what we're doing with Pip!
Now you too can be a better boyfriend for a mere $70/month! Why try harder when you can just outsource it? 😝
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@chrismessina I was a big fan of Greg Knauss' app (, which was parallel but non evil. He designed it for people, like himself, whose brains didn't automatically remind them to express affection and consideration regularly to the loved ones in their lives. He got…wow, a lot of crap about the app. But the intent wasn't to automate feelings; rather, to deal with some people's neural configuration where a reminder is what they need to express the feeling — not to feel the feeling in the first place.
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It's the thought that counts... oh, wait.
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@rrhoover for v2 of this product other 'thoughts' and 'services' are also provided. Alpha (male) is ready! ;)
So, only straight relationships?
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@senkowm Are you implying that's a problem? Can't make everyone happy...
@thesamparr just short sighted. There's a reason why for gay guys you have Grindr, jackd, scruff, hornet, and like five more Dating apps that are all pretty thriving companies while there's fewer straight ones despite the % of society diff. LGBT community is highly active on this sorta application and has a pretty high amount of expendable income comparatively.
@senkowm No more short sighted then starting off with ios vs. Android. It's a 1.5 person operation. Gotta focus on the target market then expand if you want. Plus, maybe they are only interested in the men giving to women market only. Doesn't seem short sighted, seems focused.
@thesamparr not really, iOS vs Android would require a larger tech change. Being inclusive would just require thinking about that sort of thing from the start. Not focused, bad design from the start.