Better BCC'd

Make replying to intro emails super simple.

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Just made this a couple of days ago on a 4 hour flight from PHX -> JFK. Let me know if you find it helpful.
@srcasm well done sir. Wish you'd convert this to a gmail labs so I can run it in
@thomasknoll is that a simple process? I've never done it.
@srcasm dude this is really useful! good job
@srcasm hmmm did a bit of googling. Doesn't look possible. =(
@thomasknoll well that's no fun. Maybe in the future.
So simple and useful for those that make dozens of email intro's each week. @Noah_L was asking for exactly this product ~6 months ago.
@rrhoover @Noah_L super happy to help!
awesome product. I think the user experience could be implemented better though imho. for me, I'd want to see the person moved to the bcc field before I press send, so I know they're def bccd.
@_jacksmith Good call. I was thinking about how much interaction you'd like to see pre-send. I could probably do some sort of simple alert letting you know it worked pretty easily though.
@srcasm yep that'd do it. main objective is just to make sure that the right person has been moved to bcc
@srcasm @_jacksmith agreed. i'd definitely want to see the person moved to bcc so i know for sure before i send. that would be a must have for me to use the product regularly. but i love that you are building this. it will save me a ton of time and headache!
@Noah_L hopping on a flight but maybe I'll get this added during the 4 hour trip.
@srcasm hmm. installed it and tested and it's not working for me. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? The extension is enabled.
yo @davemcclure - you've talked about this problem a lot:
@_jacksmith @davemcclure actually made the first version a year or so ago after seeing on of Dave's tweets.
Awesome! Great job @srcasm, have been wanting this for a while