An iPhone app that blocks ads, tracking & malicious content

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bDotWaller@bdotwaller · serial app-downloader
$4.99? nope.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@bdotwaller $4.99 seems like a reasonable price, imo.
Imrat Jn
Imrat JnHunter@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
@bdotwaller my view on this is that you are not buying just an app. Instead, you are supporting a not for profit content blocker with real ethics and trust. One that will not sell out to the ad industry to whitelist their ads. That's worth the $5. But that is my view and you are of course entitled to yours.
Jay Delgato
Jay Delgato@jaydelgato · Negative. I am a meat popsicle.
@imrat @bdotwaller As far as I can tell from their website, they are indeed "for profit". Of course if you think the app is worth the price, buy it! Just don't feel like you're donating to charity. If you want to donate to an organization to protect your privacy, may I suggest Also note that all these adblockers build upon blocklists built by the community, originally developed for the Adblock extension, primarily Easylist. Those tireless volunteers truly deserve our thanks.
Imrat Jn
Imrat JnHunter@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
@jaydelgato should have made that more clear. Main purpose of as a social enterprise is its cause, and not maximising profit distribution to its shareholders/owners. So by buying you are supporting the cause ( for those not aware - all source is here =>
Imrat Jn
Imrat JnHunter@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
Ive been a long term supporter of and what they are trying to achieve so I am delighted they just released this new iOS content blocker. Why is it different (and better than many others) - Trust. (@aral, @laurakalbag and rest of @indie team) are "a Social Enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age." Will post some more once I have had a chance to use this a bit more.
Jordan Finnigan
Jordan Finnigan@jadojodo · Developer @ Dealer Inspire
How does this compare to 1Blocker?
Andrew Mutavdzija
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
What's the draw here over, say, Opera's VPN which purports to block trackers and ads?
Josh King
Josh King@josh_king · Adena Marketing
Need to go back to the drawing board on that app icon....