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Justin Chung
Justin ChungMaker@justinjaechung · CEO, Betera
Hi Product Hunters! And thank you @kikischirr for hunting us :D Simply put, Betera is an iOS mobile app that reimagines what a restaurant menu can do. For hundreds of years, restaurant menus stayed almost exactly the same with text descriptions written on a piece of paper. But today, Betera’s reimagined restaurant menus can play videos of food before you order, keep track of all your food adventures, and even connect you to local and global food lovers. As some of you may already know, our name Betera means "better" in Old English. We named ourselves that because we believe in reimagining the old things to make them better. The restaurant menu is our first mission, and this Product Hunt launch is our first big step towards rethinking what it can do. I will be around all day - Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉Hunter@kikischirr · Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
When Justin first showed me Betera, which makes menus more delicious with short videos crowdsourced from users, I was on the third day of my diet... I would highly recommend this app to foodies who want to get the real feel of a meal... but maybe not to dieters, it looks too good!
salim madjd
salim madjd@salimmadjd · CEO, AsthmaMD & startup advisor
I'm a visual guy and no longer read the long self-indulging reviews on Yelp. I straight go the photos uploaded by users to get a feel for the food they have. This makes total sense. It's seems to me the times are changing and Yelp is not able to keep up with the change or perhaps they can't cannibalize 10 years of accumulate reviews.
Miki Reynolds
Miki Reynolds@mikster · Executive Director, Grid110
As huge fan of food visuals and always want to know what something looks like before I order (and often making decisions based on what I see coming out of the kitchen), this is rad.
Justin Chung
Justin ChungMaker@justinjaechung · CEO, Betera
@mikster you are the very reason why we built Betera! Thanks for comment :D
Aaron Kazah
Aaron KazahPro@aaron_kazah · Software Developer and Anime Enthusiast.
Awesome product! I see this having a wide adoption especially over from food instagrammers
Justin Chung
Justin ChungMaker@justinjaechung · CEO, Betera
@aaronkazah Hey Aaron! We think it will, too! Thanks for the comment :D