The first betting app in Slack for football Euro 2016

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Oh god I was dreaming of that!
Instant success at Curioos! Thanks guys.
Nice! Thanks Romain :)
Amazing, we love that ! :) Just some amends : - week 1 it's Albania vs Switzerland (and not Russia) - week 2 : you forgot Iceland vs Hungary - week 3 : you forgot Italy vs Ireland
@_simon_gomez_ Thanks ! I'll double check that and fix it asap :) Edit: Done ! Don't hesitate to spread the love :)
Hi there, I’m Romain. BetBot16 is the easiest way to bet with friends and colleagues for Football Euro 2016. Just add the bot to your Slack team and place your bets. Check the leaderboard at any time to see who is in the lead. If you have any questions, me and the rest of the team will monitor this thread all day to provide replies!