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How are you sourcing these beta testers right now, @axelnom?
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@rrhoover Hi! Anyone can sign up to become a tester, after the test they are rated, so eventually, you will know who are the best testers. A lot of app owners use Beta Family with their own testers and our community of testers. Some of the invited testers will also stay in the community and test other peoples apps. That is how we grow. Cheers!
what strangely shaped heads these people have...
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@axelnom wide ways would have been awesome too.
We've recently launched two Android apps and used #betafamily for testing and successfully ran two rounds of testing. I like that we can target testers by country, age, gender and device version. If you compare that to all the beta and start up submission list I prefer this.
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Have you updated the website recently? Because the last time we used it the UX was bad.
@imromains UX is still pretty poor based on my experience today
@imromains Hi! We are aware of this issue and have a big update with improved UX coming out this fall. Hope you will like it.
@imromains @axelnom that sounds interesting. Cannot wait to check out!
I'd be interested to hear how much "money a quality tester" can make, as per the "browse tests" page on the website.
@theashtube A lot of tests are without a reward, and people do test because they find the apps interesting. For the paid tests most have a reward level of $5-$15. And takes about 20-60 minutes to test.
@axelnom Cool, thanks for the info. So on that basis I would assume that the majority of your userbase are from regions where the dollar = a lot of money. In these regions, Android seems to be a lot more popular, as you can get a cheap Android device in India now for a very small price which can handle most apps. Do you find that you get a lot more Android testers than Apple testers because of this?
@theashtube Funny thing is that this is not the case. Well, we have some testers doing it only for the money, but a lot of testers are just early adopters loving to test new things. The testers don't have Beta Family as their only income, it's more of an extra job. Our biggest market and amount of testers today, are living in USA. We have about 50/50 iOS and Android tests.
@axelnom Awesome, thanks for the insight Axel. And good luck with the further expansion of Beta Family.