Find out what is your best picture

Hey, one of the makers here. We built Bestie to take the guesswork out of choosing your best profile picture or what photos would be best to post. We believe that harnessing the power of the crowd, you can quickly discover what photo of you works best on Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc. Feel free to ask any questions! Btw our iOS app got stuck in review hell so we launched Android first.
Interesting remix on the Hot or Not model (no pun intended). I've seen a few others like this, marketed as a tool to identify the best photo for your Tinder/dating profile. I wonder how the ratings diff by demographic. For example, do women rate John Doe's photo differently than men do? Any thoughts on this, @vallelungabrian?
@rrhoover We just got started but we're starting to see that for men, headshots do worse than body shots. Not shirtless ab shots, but just plain old torso and face in the frame shots. We're interested in finding out what works for women, but so far there's not a solid consensus we can point to.