Bestee 2.0

Google assistant but offline, private and 3000x faster.

Here's what makes Bestee unique:
- Offline
- Private
- Replies instantly
- Independent of tech giants
- Works in 3rd world countries
- Helps overcome mental health conditions
- Allows people who are blind to master their devices
- A mere 7 MB to download
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey hunters, I'm Emile Ferreira. I've been developing Bestee since I was in high school last year. I'm now a first year computer science student in South Africa, and Bestee is finally ready to launch! Who is Bestee and why should you care? She is the world's fastest, and the only offline, virtual assistant. Unlike other assistants she computes her ML and AI algorithms directly on your Android device. This saves your data and protects your privacy. What's changed since she featured at the top of Product Hunt last year? Short answer: EVERYTHING Long answer: - Say "Hey Bestee" to wake - UI overhaul - New logo - Morning routine and daily schedule - Increased IQ - Control device functions - Native integration with your favourite apps - Remembers stuff for you Bestee is truly a labour of love and, refreshing in today's world, I have no ulterior monetary motive. Install Bestee and meet your new best friend.
@emile_ferreira Would this work on the Alexa speaker?
@emile_ferreira "hey bestie" doesn't work, either inside or outside the app -- HTC10
@hasan_diwan sorry to hear that - make sure you have auto-start enabled and battery restrictions disabled for Bestee. Also, "Hey Bestee" is currently only supported outside the app. I'm pushing an update as we speak, with last-minute fixes to bugs that I've noticed from the launch, so hang tight!
@hasan_diwan the Alexa speaker can just run applets built on Alexa - but that's not stopping me from creating a Bestee speaker ;D
@emile_ferreira I already have an Echo though... All you need to do is use NodeJS or python to create a skill for Alexa -- I could help, if necessary
Is this Open-Sorce?
@emile_ferreira Please do so. No one will use your product for de-googling if you aren't open source
@tregsthedev @emile_ferreira Most don't trust Google BECAUSE it's not open source, we KNOW their hiding malicious privacy invading code. If you're not open source that will be the only viewpoint of your software. The myth of open source software not being profitable or that open source only leads to your code being forked and affecting you negatively has been disproven time and time again. Your entire potential user base is privacy aware people, and none of us would trust something with this much access, that's licensed as proprietary.

I wouldn't waste time considering if I should get it or not- because I already know I want it.


It's quick and efficient



Though I like the idea a lot, a fast google assistant, it's too fast, haha. Can you set up a delay so it's not so snappy? Is that possible to do within settings?
@lucas_hogendoorn1 Yeah - she is pretty quick! That's part of what makes her great so no, sorry, adding a delay will not be a feature.
You should have a APK. This is good for people trying to degoogle themeself! Google Duplex
@tregsthedev that's a very good idea! A few other other app stores (apkmonk, apkpure, aptoide, etc.) have taken to listing Bestee in the past weeks, so that's an option. I plan on venturing to the Chinese market and for that I will need to find another means of distribution than the Playstore.