Best Snapchat Lenses

Unlock the best Snapchat lenses for 24hr, curated by @SVRF

Snapchat lenses are a great way to discover the magic of AR & VR. We've collected the best lenses for you to explore, from portals, to memes, to games. Unlock each lens for 24 hours and impress your friends! 👻

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We're excited to launch this curated collection of all the best Snapchat lenses, updated daily! As part of our mission to help people find the best AR & VR content, we designed this page to be a place where people can come to find all the best lenses and be updated with fresh new ones 🙂 Plus, portals are the future 🔮🚀
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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
I love the custom Snapchat lenses @sophiaedm and the SVRF team has been making with Snapchat Lens Studio. Today, they are launching a curated place to find all the best lenses. A couple of examples! Black Panther Portal at the AngelList Office Unlock it: Bruno Mars music video outside the a16z office Unlock it: Pickle Rick at SFO Unlock it: Elon Musk's Tesla in Space Unlock it:
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