Best Best List

Rotten Tomatoes for Amazon products

Best Best List aims to answer "what product should I buy?" in a similar way that Rotten Tomatoes answers "what should I watch?" i.e. by summarizing the opinions of lots of other critics/websites.

It automates the process of googling "best [whatever]," pulling up some review sites & cross-checking with Amazon reviews.

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Hi Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ I wanted to share a tool I built to scratch my own itch, but starting to think it may have wider appeal. I call it Best Best List and the aim is to answer "what product should I buy?" in a similar way that Rotten Tomatoes answers "what should I watch?" i.e. by summarizing the opinions of lots of other critics/websites. It has been working really well for everyday, kind of "mundane" products that you would get on Amazon. Say for instance you're looking for a small blender. The way I would always go about it is searching google for "best small blender". I would then open up 3 or 4 resulting sites and spot the 5 or so models they recommend. Finally I'd cross-check those products with their Amazon ratings/reviews/prices. I'm not really interested in spending hours reading long-form reviews. I realized that I could code a little bot to do all this work for me... πŸ€– and so I did! It's by no means perfect and very much a work in progress, but it's encouraging that my friends have started using it and giving me good feedback. Like I said, I'm totally scratching my own itch and it has been working well. Based 100% on what the tool is spitting out, I have recently bought an EZ-curl bar for my home gym, new tweezers, a small blender, and a cigar cutter. I gotta say I've been extremely pleased with the recommendations. Caveats: It might not be the best tool for very complicated items with tons of specs (e.g. a TV) or emotional purchases with brand loyalty (e.g. a guitar) - for those maybe you do want to spend hours reading reviews. Also it's just Amazon for now. If you want me to run the tool on something you're thinking of buying, submit it here: Put it to the test and let me know what you think!
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@mike_pierce Hey mike best best list is an amazing piece of work, it really is a rotten tomatoes for amazon products. Really helpful for the people who go for the critics before buying the product. :p
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@sarahelson81 Thanks for the kind words Sarah 😊 I agree, I mean essentially my issue was having 10 browser tabs open at the same time and sifting through them when doing one of those "best [whatever]" queries to try and figure out what to buy. Provided the product category is not overly-complex I would much rather just look at a compilation of the data.
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Nice work! I've been looking for a handheld blender and been totally confused by the number of results. Best Best is pretty easy to use and understand!
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@kelly_kikuchi Cool! Thanks for the feedback. I find some results are more trustworthy than others. For example I like to see what Wirecutter has to say but don't necessarily feel like reading their entire review, so I brought in their quick summary, which you can see if you expand the publications:
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Well, except for the fact that it is totally broken, it is a nice site.
Ah. I was wrong. Not totally broken. This is obviously some kind of human-curated list. (Which seems mighty strange in this AI-powered, machine learning world we live in.) Just so happens that they didn't have entires for the 30 or so things I typed in. Tweezers, yes, definitely, as advertised. The rest, unfortunately not. But if I ever needed a human-curated list of the best tweezers to buy, I'll know right where to go. Thanks!
Oh, and, I forgot the funniest part...a search for the items represented by the top row of icons next to the field where you'd enter a query term comes up empty. Love it. I would recommend adding something to do with bicycles and women's shoes to the possible results. Just one user's opinion. I need to give credit where credit is due, however. Kudos for having results related to "best whisks" and "best spatulas." No idea what that last icon with the pan (?) and the grid (?) is supposed to represent, though.
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