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Besedky is an open video meeting platform with map-based rooms. Pin your rooms on a map and start discussion with the whole world. Find other rooms and join interesting topics!
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👋🏻Hi dear community! I’m Boris Koveshnikov - CEO/Co-founder of Besedky - an open videomeeting platform with map-based rooms. As many other people me and my team got stuck at home with no possibility to travel, meet my friends and family, go to interesting places or just simply get outside of my house. A world became so small. It decreased to a size of a flat…. But what if we still had a possibility to feel where’re we in this world and how actually big it is. What if we could not only connect to people around the whole world, but actually see to what place we are going for an online discussion. 🗺️Imagine - walking on the map and choosing - whether to join a chat on Art in Florence 🎨, a Cocktail party in New York 🍸 or a Health Lecture in Tokyo 💊….. And if you wish you can easily add your own topic room and invite others to join whenever they want to We thought it would be cool and since we love maps as strong as we love travelling and communicating - we created Besedky. Here’s a few reasons why we think you'll love it: 📍Easy creation of rooms: You just press +Add, pin your room, describe your room topic, add picture and Hurray! - you are ready to chat 🏝️Travel-like feeling: Map gives you a feeling of travelling to other countries and discussing interesting things with locals or people interested in the same things 📷Content add-on: You can easily add to your room tag a nice welcoming picture or emodji or video to capture new friends We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We're just getting started here and use Meet jitsi for a video service inside our rooms, so for Mobile version you need to install it. But we plan to work on our own video service in the future. 😅 We would gladly appreciate any feedback on our product ) And if you're interested in checking us out, our next meeting is on 8-th of May at 2 p.m CDT in room "Besedky” in St.Petersburg, Russia :) Check out other rooms too. Warm regards, Boris and the whole team of Besedky!
@boris_kov Dear friends, we will be waiting for you on Wednesdays and Saturdays eveninigs at room "WELCOME on board", (which is located in North Atlantic Ocean) at 10:00 pm Moscow (7 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m New York / 12 a.m. San Francisco). Let's chat and have fun)))
@boris_kov Hi everybody! We're meeting in Besedky( - map based video-chats on Wednesdays and Saturdays eveninigs at room "WELCOME on board", (which is located in North Atlantic Ocean) at 10:00 pm Moscow (7 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m New York / 12 a.m. San Francisco). Let's chat and have fun))) And don't hesitate to create yor own rooms This Saturday topic will be "Traveling. Where I would have been if not COVID?" Your canceled or future plans, your dreams, traveling tips, etc. And join our group in Telegram where we will post updates on meetings
Are you interested in a story of Besedky creation?))) I'm gonna tell it in a couple of hours
How did we come up with the idea of ​​creating a service with video calls on the map? Coincidentally, we were currently working on yet another startup on the subject of urban studies and design. We have launched Otmetky ( — a digital participation tool, which is all about citizens taking part in discussions of an urban environment — marking their ideas and suggestions on a map — this is exactly the feeling of yourself in the city — your place, your opinion, your communication with others ( citizens, stakeholders, architects). Communication with citizens led us to an idea of a local festival — but then — Boooom ! the COVID happens delaying everything. But why not to have an online festival — thought our team, after all everything was closed, and the neighbors remained bored at home. And that’s when we decided to make Festyline — online festivals (in 3D or on a map) — where you could have interactive content. But working on Festyline we came up to a more simple and logical idea — that it would be cool to virtually walk on the map and at the same time communicate on any topics with those who live in this place or want to go somewhere. So we discussed inside the team the idea that our local festival can be transferred online and with a real point of the yard on the map. All supported. After that, in 5 days our developer Boris linked the video link to the chat rooms on the map. We made the announcement of the festival, and rooms for it appeared in the north of St. Petersburg.
Brilliantly done. If you could message me directly I have a question to ask.
@aktheruddinn Akhter, thank you! Messaged you into twitter pm.
We've got a nice promo also
And info site in the same style