Asian food delivered on-demand (SF only)

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We're excited to be out of stealth mode after debuting at the LAUNCH Festival yesterday. If you're at the LAUNCH Festival today please come by our booth and grab some Bento lunch! Happy to answer questions about the product. Cheers!
I'm an investor and in love with this product and concept -- ordered it back to back last week and was blown away. It's too cheap at $12 imo -- I think it should be $15 -- and be a meal and a half (leftovers!) Worth a try!
@jason +1 $12 is a meal at some crappy fast food place. This doesn't exactly look like crappy fast food. Would absolutely favor having a portion size toggle for the leftover guy in me.
Just saw these guys at Launch, very cool idea. I think someone had tried this in Paris about 3 years ago but the market wasn't ready yet. I thought it was a great idea and I'm happy to see it back!
@ashmotamedi Do you remember the company name? I'd be interested in checking them out. Thanks for kudos!
@jasondemant yeah let me check and see what it was called. I know the guy but don't think it exists any longer. They went on to start Feedly, so a pretty big pivot ;)
I'm always that guy at the restaurant, asking for substitutions, dressing on the side, etc. Bento looks similar to SpoonRocket and Sprig at first but what makes it particularly unique is the customization options. Congrats on the launch (at the LAUNCH Festival yesterday), @jasondemant. Is the customization aspect of Bento really enough to compete in this competitive market? I'm sure you have some tricks up your sleeve. 😄
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Huge fan of PH and really excited to finally have something to show! :) While customization is definitely important, we think what will set us apart is our holistic approach to the entire experience. From an easy-to-use app, super fast delivery, being able to order exactly what you want, great value (only $12), gorgeous packaging, exciting experience opening your Bento and of course, delicious food. All of it is important and I don't think anyone has nailed the experience yet. We're going to try :).
Great product - great idea - happy to see @jasondemant executing!