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Co-founder here. Would love to answer questions, if anyone has any. We're currently raising money and finding users at where you'll find a longer description of our product. Thanks!
Welcome, @ryanlinstrom! I'm curious to hear about your experience raising and acquiring your first users on Ramen. Why did you choose to go that route vs. something more traditional?
Thanks @rrhoover! @mathewsisson of Ramen is a friend of ours and kept us updated about their project early on, just after Ramen won at LAUNCH. In all honestly, it was a bit of a no-brainer. We are still at an early-enough stage that crowdfunding was less important to us in terms of raising capital, and more important in terms of validating our idea. There's nothing more validating than cash donations, am I right? Arguably, you can use a traditional crowdfunding site for customer validation and feedback, but Ramen's focus on that particular goal, their own experience in the startup scene, and the ability to be involved in Ramen's process as they are developing their product made this opportunity pretty impossible to pass up. We're excited at the results so far and very grateful to the guys at Ramen for all their hard work.