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Of course, @caseyneistat shared more about the app on his vlog:
Love how honest he is: "This app kind of sucks. The idea is awesome but the app itself needs to be better." And this is the new beme and now we know why he wasn't talking about it. 😊
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@rrhoover @caseyneistat yeah I love the honesty and did wonder why it was rarely mentioned in the Vlogs. Will be interested to hear from some old and new Beme users to see their thoughts! We should get Casey back on to do another LIVE :)
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@rrhoover @caseyneistat great quality of a founder, Stewart Butterfield says this of Slack: "Oh, God, yeah. I try to instill this into the rest of the team but certainly I feel that what we have right now is just a giant piece of sh!t. Like, it’s just terrible and we should be humiliated that we offer this to the public." (via @holman)
@rrhoover @caseyneistat It is a phenomenal idea, but yes, it does have some time before it appeals to more audience. The current Android version has BUGS.....BUG!..... BUGS EVERYWHERE! I lost most of my Bemes after they failed to upload. On a side note, I think if top influencers were to promote this app, it would definitely sky rocket among the general population!
Hey there Product Hunters, thanks for the love! Re: story behind our relaunch, a little write-up here:
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@mhkt I thought your post was amazing Matt. A lot of entrepreneurs write on medium. Very few are actually honest about anything.
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@mhkt Fantastic article and the best of luck to you and your team going forward.
Love your post as well Matt!
Bg fan of Casey and his videos, however re: Beme, I personally think the app is: 1. way too complicated for what it should be (musicaly / snapchat) 2. doesn't provide more value (2x/5x/10x) vs anything thats out there in the market (instagram,snapchat) 3. doesn't have that "wow factor" This was my thinking with their v1 and I do feel the same about v2, the record screen and process is just way too complicated than it should be. I've built a video app in this same space before (clipstar / cliptone) so speaking from experience (2 years in this space) Goodluck casey :)
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@rickats It'll probably get acqui hired for some crazy amount of money.
@rickats @caseyneistat Agreed. I think it comes down to the amount of short form video that people want to share in a given day. If something cool is happening, the'll have to decided which platform to share it on. Why would they choose Beme over Snapchat in this case? All their friends are on snapchat, they have filters, etc. Beme didn't stand a chance from the day it launched, no matter how polished the UI/UX. Since Beme and Snapchat are both in the category of instantaneous short form video, Snapchat will win EVERY time.
Nice. I was early in the first version but it just kind of fell out of use for me. Trying it again though. It's an interesting space, where in some ways I feel like the phone form factor is getting in the way of what should essentially be a GoPro strapped to your forehead. Anyway, a stab at breaking out the 'showcasing-your-life' space: 1. Instagram as edited, curated, persistent. 2. Snapchat as edited, curated, non-persistent. 3. Beme as unedited, curated, persistent.
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@shloky Interesting comparison, well put
I think everybody know and love @CaseyNeistat . Me too, of course. But honestly Beme has a great narrative (seen the intro video of the app?) and vision but a very very bad implementation (especially on android). I download it again on android after six months and it's still not working as it should. The company is well funded and has a great team behind, but guys you still need to do A LOT better.
@nick88msn @caseyneistat iOS App is not that good too
@uvarovdd @nick88msn @caseyneistat I can't help but feel like they're overlooking some of the basics when it comes to design.
@mattryanharris @nick88msn @caseyneistat The problem with many apps is that they try to reinvent the wheel instead of following common design patterns. They just make apps super confusing to use. And implementation is far from being good either - the app is just laggy and when I tried to use I had no idea what was going on. I respect Casey a lot, but I don't think Beme would get anywhere.
@uvarovdd I completely agree. The UI is rough (reminds me first prototyping with rounded and square elements combined, countries header considerably smaller than the carousels...).This does not mean that the app is not good or won't have success, but from an "expert" point of view its a bad bad FIRST IMPRESSION. @mattryanharris @caseyneistat