Below the Line Podcast

A podcast that goes deeper with founders you know

Below the Line is a podcast with founders to finally go below the surface of what we read in the headlines to discuss the challenges faced building something new. Guests include Eric Ries, Justin Kan, Diana Chapman, Sahil Lavingia, Hannah Willson, and others.
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Absolutely recommend this. I've been listening since the 1st one and @jjbeshara is a phenomenal host helping set an authentic tone for guests of the show. And Justin of course has shared incredibly profound things the wisdom of which matches Naval.
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Thanks for the post and the comments — Check out the intro episode if folks want to know what the podcast is about. And I’ll use this as a chance to give major thanks to the folks that help me put on the podcast... Johnny Peterson of Straight Up Podcasts (if you need editing, he’s amazing), Megan O’Sullivan, and Sam Sawyer. Thank you all eternally 🙏🙏🙏 for the work you have provided in navigating the creation of this little podcast.
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I've been a listener of James' podcast since the beginning (and appeared on episode #10). He takes a different approach to most tech podcasts, pulling out more of the truth in mental challenges founders face.
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I appeared on the latest podcast episode of Below the Line, guest #16. James has a special way of conversing to get the best nuggets out of people. I had a blast talking to him and the episode ended up being 2 hours and 20 minutes long. I can't recommend this podcast enough if you want to hear from founders like me share our biggest struggles in an easily digestible way.
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