Crowdsourced list of laptop-friendly homes for nomads


Belooga is a crowdsourced list of laptop-friendly homes all around the world for nomads and remote workers

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Omar Nawaz
Daniele Ugolini
James Hunt
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  • Pros: 

    UGC is great - More trustworthy for me than wifi speed claimed by the property themselves.

    Predictive search is helpful too.


    Currently very small breadth of content. Need more locations to be added - ideally by script with wifi speed verification by the users.

    Would like to see a map of the world with all locations as pins.

    Being able to zoom into an area (think Airbnb) when the predictive search is matched, and then zoom out until properties are found would be very useful.

    This could allow for checking proximity to the coast / hills / towns / ameneties also.

  • Pros: 

    Find the best accommodation based on feedback by other nomads


    Not all options will be features initially

    Congrats, fantastic idea!

  • Pros: 

    Love the fact that it shows wifi speed


    It's a new site so the datababase needs to be build up but in terms of finding a place for digital nomads it can't be beaten!

    I just found an awesome place in CM with 50down I'm very happy I used Belooga and it will be my number one choice when I'm looking for a place again

  • Mariya Zhbanko
    Mariya ZhbankoA lawyer at ProLaw

    Great app



    great app for travelling freelancers

  • Pros: 

    Easy to see the internet speed of each place, user-friendly design


    Looking forward to seeing more properties as the site grows

    Great concept! I found a place in Bali for a quarter of the advertised price!

  • Tatyana Romanova
    Tatyana RomanovaCopywriter, Singree

    Joins the community of lap top freelancers


    none, dreamed about it for a long time

    great tool to join the community of freelancers all around the globe