Crowdsourced list of laptop-friendly homes for nomads

Belooga is a crowdsourced list of laptop-friendly homes all around the world for nomads and remote workers

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Hello, beautiful hunters. In the last few years while traveling we encountered quite a few challenges related to finding accommodation while on the road. Here for a breakdown of the challenge with the solution we found. Challenge When traveling as a nomad/remote worker/location independent entrepreneur, you’ll often find yourself hopping from city to city every few months. This means that you’ll be looking for a different accommodation very often. Although there are some solutions out there at the moment, they’ve always left us disappointed in some kind of way. The biggest question mark, whenever using these current solutions, is often represented by the infamous wi-fi speed. It’s very rare to have a clue of the wifi speed prior booking any given place. On top of that, the price is often much higher than anything you’d get “onsite”. The same accommodation found both offline and online will have a much lower price if you could deal directly with the homeowner. This is why a lot of us end up driving the scooter we’ve rented in order to find a place suitable for our needs. Solution We’re not the only remote workers out there. Plenty of other people have gone through the same over and over again. We thought that perhaps the key to finding good laptop-friendly accommodation all over the world is to use the knowledge that is spread across all the community. This is where Belooga was born. Belooga is a crowdsourced platform powered 100% by the community where people can find a share accommodation all over the world. When adding a new home, you’re asked some vital information for the community such as the wifi speed, price and what was special about the place. Another nomad can now take your recommendation and use the contact details to directly get in touch with the landlord. This way, the users can always get the cheapest price possible along with the security of having a place with fast wifi to work productively.

I just found an awesome place in CM with 50down I'm very happy I used Belooga and it will be my number one choice when I'm looking for a place again


Love the fact that it shows wifi speed


It's a new site so the datababase needs to be build up but in terms of finding a place for digital nomads it can't be beaten!

Congrats, fantastic idea!


Find the best accommodation based on feedback by other nomads


Not all options will be features initially

Would like to see a map of the world with all locations as pins.

Being able to zoom into an area (think Airbnb) when the predictive search is matched, and then zoom out until properties are found would be very useful.

This could allow for checking proximity to the coast / hills / towns / ameneties also.


UGC is great - More trustworthy for me than wifi speed claimed by the property themselves.

Predictive search is helpful too.


Currently very small breadth of content. Need more locations to be added - ideally by script with wifi speed verification by the users.

Congratulations on the launch 🚀 this something that I will definitely use 🙏🏼
@loukmannacik Thank you! Glad you like it :)
@loukmannacik Thanks Loukman! Hope it can help you find amazing places to stay all around the world!