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Bellhop is the first global all-in-one-app combining the best apps across ground transport, entertainment, and food (coming soon) into one app. Access and book both Uber and Lyft rides conveniently through Bellhop. Also access the best curated tours & activities during your upcoming travels.

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How are you complying with Lyft and Uber's API terms that prohibit commingling competitors' prices?
Hi @chrismessina, we're the first company to get access to Lyft's APIs in a partnership, so there are no terms being violated. Uber also granted us access to their APIs, making an exception. These companies have been on board with our concept, so I guess we've been fortunate.
@payam_safa eeeenteresting. When you say "Uber also granted us access to their APIs", do you mean you have a special deal with them too, which grants you privileges beyond the typical developer API terms? I'm asking to understand if both companies' policies have shifted, or if you just happen to have a really effective BD person!
Hi @payam_safa what was the inspiration behind building Bellhop? Does Bellhop take a percentage of the payment? Love to hear more!
Hi @ems_hodge, thanks for the question! It's quite a long story haha. I'll provide the short story here: I'm a technologist that had the fortune to co-found a hotel chain in Indonesia. While in the travel and hospitality space, I realized travelers need a mechanism to seamlessly have access to the best local services on-demand through Bellhop. And that's where the all-in-one app concept came from. Bellhop takes a commission from our suppliers (e.g. Lyft), so the consumer pays the same price in Bellhop as he/she would pay within the ride-hailing apps individually.